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QM3G-70KFH/100FH-60M (QM3G-FH HMI PLC All-in series)

QM3G-70KFH/100FH-60M (QM3G-FH HMI PLC All-in series)

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(QM3G-FH HMI PLC All-in  series)


30 Digital Inputs/ 30 digital Outputs (26 Relay amps and 4 Transistor 500mA) / 4 ANALOG Inputs /2 ANALOG OUTPUT 0-20mA



The features are as below. 1. PLC compatible with FX3G/FX3U/FX3S PLC. It operate fast. 2. The digital points are 30 inputs and 30 outputs at most. 3. Support several high-speed counting and high-speed pulse. 4. 32K steps program capacity, 32K power-off retentive registers, support interrupt, linear and circular 5. 6. 7 More models are supported to customize if bulk order. Super functions. Highly integration. The digital output can be transistor,relay or mixed output. Analog can reach up to 16 input and 8 output. It has 3 PLC COM port (1 RJ45, RS232 and Mini B-type USB port), 1 downloading port on HMI. Acceleration and deceleration are independent. Special encryption.Set password as 12345678 to thoroughly prevent reading data.(PLC only supports 8-bit password encryption) PLC is compatible with Mitsubishi programming software, and HMI is mView software . The network module can be selected according to customer requirements to realize remote control.

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